Heritage and Restoration

Warren Neale Restoration and Conservation Limited has over 50 years of combined specialist experience in carrying out restoration and conservation work to the UK’s Historic and Listed Buildings.  Darrell Warren and Mark Neale provide professional and committed management to all projects undertaken and offer advice to professional Architects, Surveyors and Clients through all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.  WNRCL are current members of the (DW to advise if any?) and recognise the importance of having highly skilled tradesman to deliver the sympathetic restoration and conservation.  To this end, WNRCL ensure all employees hold Gold heritage CSCS cards and are assessed regularly to ensure their skills are kept up to date.


WNRCL continues to develop as a well-recognised and successful Principal Contractor with a broad portfolio of completed conservation and restoration projects demonstrating their ability to plan, manage and deliver to the highest standards as expected by Clients and Architects alike.

WNRCL pride themselves on repeat business from Clients and Architects, developing strong relationships with their willingness to provide early advice from budget preparation to specifications and technical details.



WNRCL have many decades of combined experience in the installation of the more traditional roof coverings from sand cast lead and slate, to hard metals such as copper, zinc and stainless steel.  Combining our experience with the guidance as set out in the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) and the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) ensures every single one of our projects is carried out the highest possible standard.

Over the last decade, the theft of semi precious metals from ecclesiastical buildings has been what seems an ever increasing challenge faced by our very oldest building stock in the UK.  WNRCL have extensive experience in dealing with such cases and have become specialists in the installation of stainless steel, the "go to alternative" for Architects when Ecclesiastical buildings are affected by theft.


With highly skilled 'in-house' carpenters, WNRCL can accommodate a broad spectrum of carpentry works from the traditional restoration and conservation works with English Oak right through to reformation works in softwood.  Our reliable and robust supply chain for hard and softwoods ensures we can meet exacting specifications given to us by Architects and our clients.

With our 'in-house' knowledge, we can also advise Architects and clients of the limitations of the specified materials and give guidance as to the design for more technical aspects of traditional carpentry such as flitch plating and traditional jointing techniques. 


WNRCL work closely with a small and dynamic supply chain of highly skilled and accredited stonemasons to 'complete the package' of our principal contracting role.


WNRCL are preventative maintenance specialists and have numerous cyclical contracts with private and charity companies alike.  We couldn't agree more with SPAB's Motto (William Morris) “stave off decay by daily care, to prop a perilous wall or mend a leaky roof”.  Contact us for a discussion regarding our cyclical maintenance programmes and how they could prolong the lifespan of your building stock through easy maintenance.